I know, I am a dynamic guy and have way too many hobbies and websites.  My goal going forward is to settle down my habit of coming up with new websites and ideas.  I think I need to get back to basics which is creating good content and not worry so much about how or where they are presented. So for now ArtisanTony.com is my base.  I may create special projects for my other websites every now and then but I have neglected my home on the web, which is here :) 

I will be using this website to hold the Cricket Fundraiser so if you are interested in that event, go ahead and register to get updates.  Otherwise, feel free to register and submit articles for the blog.  Registered users can submit articles and even embed videos in articles if desired. If you need any help just contact me here.

But regarding "about me"; I am an old carpenter of 40 years who decided to start a design-build company called Artisan Construction LLC. We build custom homes for others and for sale.  I am also a lover of creating videos and do that well on YouTube.  But you can stay in touch with me on this website.  It will always be my real home on the interwebs!