Yes, I know, I have tried many experiments with creating different websites like RepealGunLaws, GunsandGearVids artisansumo200and atLibertyVideo but has always been my real home on the web and I am ready to settle down here.  I guess I thought I could create a place for others to go if YouTube did not work for them but those sites never panned out.  What I found was that I am an artisan and not a marketing guru. 

If you don't know me, I am a design-build contractor from southeast Tennessee but love the shooting sports along with just about anything outdoors.  Hunting, fishing, bushcraft have all been passions of mine.  The content here will vary and I hope you enjoy your look around.  I plan to develop this site more now that I have realized running a video sharing website is not in the cards for me.  You can contact me here if you have inquiries.  Thanks for stopping by!